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at a cat show
In 1995 I - Christoph Riedel - was able to pass my first examination: the breeds were Siamese and Oriental Shorthair, because I bred this breeds at this time.

It took seven years on passing all the examinations to any breeds, so now you can call me an "all breed judge".

It is a marvellous hobby, because every time at a show I am next to cats and I am able to meet different cat fanciers in partial unusual locations. Yes, it is a hobby, it is not my business. Because from Monday to Friday I must earn my money elsewhere…

I like to go to cat shows if there are definite rules according to judging (e. g. according to GCCF standard or to the CFA's one, FiFé or TICA).  

Do you a show manager of cat club ? Do do need an all breed judge ?

I am able to speak and to write in English (and German, my native language, of course), I judged in a lot of European countries, amongst others I was judging at the world's largest cat show in London: The National.

If you want to contact me, please, use my email account:, or call me: +49-30-33 50 47 50 [do not phone after 9 o´clock pm, please, because of my children].

In 1993 I was judge pupil and Petra E. Lerch presentated Siamese and OSH at stage while my sister Petra Danker and me showed cats. Amazing experience!

Cat judging is an amazing hobby. Here are a few impressions:

Examination and 1997 judging in London, GB:

1st  Examination 1995 in Hamburg, GER (BEC) for Siamese/OSH
Dec. 1997: first judging at National Cat Show in London, UK

By viewing at the right above picture I remember this funny short story.

In 1997 I judged for the first time at the world largest cat show, the National Cat Show in London, UK.
At this show there were 2,400 cats and 100 judges. All judges wore a white work coat - not all, nearly all, 99 ones did it, except of one, that was me. I wore a red one.

... Suddenly reporters with a camera from BBC came up to me and asked me why I am the only one who is wearing a red coat.
My English was not as good as a person talking to British television, and so I was only able to say: "Today it is December, 6th. I am Santa Claus!"

And you can be sure, in the years later I wear a white work coat! ;-P

At the KFND cat show at March 15th/16th of 2003 my wife was stewarding to me. We saw a lot of lovely cats.

In 2008 my wife and my big son visited me at the KFND cat show in Hannover-Misburg. They were introduced at stage, of course...

Special thank to Margot & Norbert Müller lovely picture with my marvellous helping hand Hannah Schesink.

Danke, Holger & Katharina Janzen!
Danke, Margot & Norbert Müller and Hannah Schesink!

A marvellous picture of me... Excellent drawing by Jurij Didenko, this was done at KFND cat show in 2011.

But normally I do not step on the cat's tail...

Here are a few expressions of the IRCC cat show of 2012 in Seevetal.
Thank you very much Holger & Katharina Janzen for the marvellous photos and the video. In this movie Quincy is shown!

Danke, Holger Janzen!
Danke, Holger Janzen!